There Are Pros and Cons to Getting This Game.

User Rating: 9 | Mario Party: Island Tour 3DS

There are a number of good things to this game as to why you should get it. Among them, good graphics, good music, good sound effects, pretty solid video game control, and the computer controlled A.I. doesn't tend to be TOO difficult on the easier difficulty settings. But there are also drawbacks. Chiefly among them, there are SOME games that are won almost based TOTALLY on luck, not skill, and the fact that you have to switch between standard controls, using the stylus, or even actually MOVING the Nintendo 3DS system! And unlike the "Mario Party DS" game, it doesn't let you choose as to WHICH types of these games can be turned off or featured! Another thing that was sorely missing, is the lack of TRADITIONAL "Mario Party" game boards, where you collect stars AND coins. It's a solid video game overall, but it may not be for everyone's tastes. Enough said, true believers!