An Innovative Mario party game! Now there are mic mini-games!

User Rating: 8.5 | Mario Party 6 GC
For those who don’t know Mario Party, it is a game based on mini-games, which is basically a virtual board game. It has the characteristics of any board game but it’s objective is to obtain the highest number of stars, which you buy during the game. But in several moments (at least one per turn) you have a mini-game.
Mario Party 6 is the first one to have mini-games that you play with the mic, which if you don’t like, you can disable. Besides the normal game (the boards) it has a special area where you play games with the mic, including a talk show! It is really nice.
It also has one thing that I love on some Mario Partys that is collecting the stars you earn in each game to trade for additional things later on.
The graphics are good, the gameplay is great.
It is a really good Mario Party game. If you’re looking for one for GC, this one is really nice. If you’ve never played any Mario Party, you should at least try one, it is very different and immersive.