Mario Party 6 will have you partying till the break of dawn because its so damn fun!

User Rating: 9 | Mario Party 6 GC

The Mario Party series has been swinging since the 90's offering us a multiplayer board game full of family fun! Mario Party goes all the way back to N64 days when the party first started. Hitting the dice, earning the coins, and playing the mini games on the different themed boards is how the Mario Party franchise has kept going! But after awhile the Mario Party started getting stale like old bean dip. When the series first hit the GameCube it started to get stale and loose my interest. Mario Party 4 was an utter disaster to me and Mario Party 5 showed me that theme really can get in the way of experience. I started to just give up on the Mario Party series after I played Mario Party 8 and found that it was just a step backwards. I didn't want to play let alone purchase another Mario Party until I saw Mario Party 6! I'm happy to say I'm GLAD I bought this one because I was up day & night playing it! Let's get this party started with the review!

Storyline: When Brighton the Sun and Twila the Moon get in an argument about whose better it's up to Mario and his friends to throw a party and fill the Star bank. The theme of this party is day & night which I think is the coolest idea they thought of for this party! The storyline isn't much but its a Mario Party and its decent enough.

Gameplay: Mario Party 6 plays just like any other Mario Party but with some changes. Every 3 turns on the board day shifts to night and vies versa. Different events are triggered on the boards when this happens such as stores that only open during the night or being able to only access certain parts of the board during the day. Another example of this is the Faire Square board which prices for stars change depending on the day and night shifting. The day & night shifting even affects certain mini-games too! Mario Party 6 has a new feature called Mic Mode. The Mic can be used in certain mini-games which adds more fun and innovation to the party. Though you really don't need the Mic to enjoy this game it's still a fun little gimmick! Orbs or capsule items are back but they serve a better purpose now. When you create your own space by throwing them you also find coins in them sometimes and if you land on them you get a bonus! The same can't be said for another player though...

Graphics: They are good enough. The boards in Mario Party 6 are some of my most favorite boards ever! Faire Square is a really cool board to start off playing on. No real complaints about graphics here.

Value: Multiplayer value yes and even some single player value in there. Since there is a Star bank you can fill it up with stars and use them to unlock stuff. You can earn stars in Solo Mode or Party Mode but Party Mode is most preferred as you can earn more stars this way.

Overall: Mario Party 6 is the best Mario Party I've played so far! It reminds me of Mario Party 2 which really was the best party for me until I played 6. There are over 80 unique mini-games for you to play in this game and the mini-games are really the most creative I've played EVER! If you have friends over or are throwing some kind of house party: "Mario Party 6 will have you partying till the break of dawn because it's so damn fun!" And that's coming from a person who really was fed up with Mario Party.

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