This is my first Mario Party game, and it was great!

User Rating: 8.5 | Mario Party 6 GC
It's time for the Mario Party 6 review! For the Gamecube.

This was my first Mario Party Game. This is the order I bought them in so far(I don't have the N64 ones, nor an N64.) I bought 6,7,4,5, 8, and DS. Let's see how it turned out.

There are 6 modes. Solo Mode, Mic Mode, Star Bank, Party Mode, Minigame Mode, and Option mode(that doesn't really count.) Solo Mode involves going forward on one straight gameboard and getting coins and minigames, without going over the edge. Mic Mode, where you can play Mic games. You can play straightforward Mic minigames, Star Run, and Speak Out, a quiz show. Star Bank, you can trade in your Stars for unlockables. Minigame Mode, you can play your minigames in different games. Like a minigame in a minigame. Option Mode, change your settings. Party Mode will be explained over this time.

Party Mode is basically the whole game. If you haven't played any Mario Party game before, here is how it works. The game takes place on a giant game board with different themes. Starting with Party 6, each board has a different objective, as opposed to all of them getting 20 coins for a star. Two involve 20 coins for a star, one stealing stars, getting to DK for a star while avoiding Bowser, and chasing down DK during the day and avoiding Bowser at night. So there is much more variety.

A noticeable feature is that this game uses a day-night system. This was first used in Mario Party 2's Horror Land(I played it at a friend's house). Now, it's used in all the boards. This changes pathes, spaces, minigames. Every three turns, the time of day changes.

Pick your character, mode, course, how many turns, etc. All the characters are the same, they don't have different stats. This would've added more strategy, but oh well.

When you start the game, you roll a dice block to see who goes first. Whoever gets higher goes first. Now is the time to tell about spaces. Blue spaces give you three coins. Red Spaces deduct three coins. ? Spaces make an event happen, depends on where you are and what board your on. Miracle Spaces start a Round of Miracles, where something good or bad can happen. Think of it as a Chance space. DK spaces will give you a DK minigame or a bonus. During the night however, they turn into Bowser spaces, which will do something bad.

The minigames were fun. The day and night system can actually change the rules of the game. For example, in "What Goes Up....."during the day, you would climb up. During nighttime, you go down. This adds extra variety.

The graphics were great. They look cartoony like all Mario games.

The controls worked fine. They differ for all of them. They give you instructions on the controls.

Remember when I said "Mic Mode?" That's right. When you buy this game, you get a Mic. This is used to play Mic Minigames. You also use it for Mic Mode. I liked the idea.

Mario Party 6 is a very fun game. All the Mario Party games are very fun to play at parties or with your family. Ever since I got it, every few nights or so, my family gathered around and played a Mario Party game. The only downside was that they could've added more Mic Minigames, especially 4-Player ones(Mario Party 7 fixed the problem.)

This game gets a 8.5 out of 10 with the title of Great.