Mario Party 6 is a very disappointing and unenjoyable game. I almost hate it because it's such a let-down.

User Rating: 3.5 | Mario Party 6 GC
Mario Party 6 has a few good mini-games, but it really doesn't quite cut it. I've played many of the messed up Mario Parties, but this one really makes me feel like I should've gotten something else a looooong time ago. I really dislike this game because of the poor mini-games. Most of the time I don't even pay attention to the board gameplay, just the mini-games. This one, however, made me realize that even the board gameplay was bad AND the mini-games that tagged along with it. The graphics and sounds are okay, but when we simplify, it's all about the mini-games. I try to get my friends to play them, but they always want to move to another game because it's not that fun, and the fun games are not too many of them. The gist of the games are all luck-based and don't require the skill that Mario Party 1-3 required. I want to throw up every time I play it because it not only damages your eyes with all of the happy! yay! fun! fun! play! colors, but it makes me so sick to think back on the classics and look at this mediocre-ness-ness. It really breaks my heart, and I just hope that the upcoming one isn't a let-down.