Woohoo! Party!

User Rating: 9 | Mario Party 6 GC
By "Best in series" I meant the Mario Party series. Anyway, I haven't written a review since last month, so enjoy!

1. Graphics
Plain old Mario graphics. Altogether though, amazing graphics! At least there not bad, right? So...there don't look real and they don't look to fake...and there not Paper like the Paper Mario Series! Overall, Awesome graphics!

2. Storyline
Not that good...what are the odds of the Sun and Moon fighting, so someone decides to hold a party to get them together again...well, it does sound a little...unlikely. What else to expect in a Mario game though? Its not like Goombas take over the world!

3. Fun?
To me, its like, the funnest game in the Mario Party Series...maybe not the funnest, but it used to be before Mario Party 8 came out. Probably because its on the Wii. I bet Mario Party 5 might get higher ratings. Except the minigames. Supa cool!

4. Sound/Music
IT NEVER GETS ANNOYING!! Awesome Music! Whether your partying at Towering Treetop, or just playing minigames, the music is always great! Like any game, the music is different for different places and characters. Scary for Bowser, and heroic for Mario. And as for sound, you can buy cool taunts for your characters! Sweet!

5. I'm bored. Now what?
Just keep partying I guess. Earn stars, spend them at the Star Bank, Unlock all the minigames, and beat the game. If YOU buy the game, and YOU beat it, and you need more then those things, PM me. Sorry...I didn't beat it yet...(Boy, I shouldn't of starting talking about beating the game when I didn't even beat it myself...)

6. Requirements
•Fast Fingers•Working Brain (Of course)•A Party-Lover•Intrest in Mario's other Partys and adventures

7. The Good
Awesome Music/Sound, Very fun, amazing graphics, never gets boring, already has its own series, doesn't look to fake, best in the Mario Party Series, and last but not least, the 8th reason, the most important reason of them all, PARTY EVERYWHERE!!

8. The Bad
Besides the lack of Car-Making like in Mario Party 5, nothings really that bad. Not bad enough to be written down here!

So anyway, Hope you liked my review! Bye!
(P.S. If you need any info on the game, or complaints for my review, PM me.)