Mario Party 3 Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Free Coins from Mushrooms

    If you use a Mushroom item, and hit the same number on both dice, you get a free 10 Coins.

    Contributed by: DBM11085 

  2. Miracle Star

    To become a miracle star, get about 8 S rankings on the board and duel maps. The picture of the character that became a miracle star will be on the mountain in the main area.

    Contributed by: Eddie 

  3. Getting the three mini-games

    To unlock the first one (Stardust Battle), beat the game on story mode. To unlock the second one (Dizzy Dinghies), play every non-secret mini-game. To unlock the last one (1-player Mario's Puzzle Party), get 1000 or more coins in Game Guy's Room.

    Contributed by: Eddie 

  4. Hidden Maps

    To get the Battle Royal Map Waluigi's Island and the Duel Map Backtrack for play in Party Mode, beat the levels featuring these maps in Story Mode.

    Contributed by: Yoshi_348 

  5. Mt. Mariomore

    To get your character's face on the mountain, simply beat story mode with that character. You do NOT have to become the Miracle Star to do so.

    Contributed by: Yoshi_348 

  6. Unlock Super Hard difficulty

    Beat the story mode with whomever you choose, on Hard difficulty. Now, you can select Super Hard difficulty in both Story mode and Party mode.

    Contributed by: Earthshaker 

  7. Extra Names

    To make the computer choose your name, go to the file select screen, and start a new file. Select "Okay" but don't enter anything. Your name will become a classic Nintendo character's name!

    Contributed by: me frog 

  8. No Music Glitch

    Either go to the mini game mode or get to it in story mode.
    Choose the mini-game M.P.I.Q. and make sure you choose to ''see the rules.'' You must choose practice. During the game pause when you hear no sound at all. Unpause and quickly press the R button to quit the mini-game. If done correctly the game will have no sound at all until you reset it.

    Contributed by: tsacmoc 

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