150 is hard for one reason

User Rating: 7.5 | Mario Kart Wii (w/ Racing Wheel) WII
playing this from time to time since i dont play wii much. i liked the 50cc and 100cc rounds. but the 150cc round is stupid. u are such at a dissadvantage. the last 8 races i have done i get in every race speed mushrooms and one item that is not. and the computer is hitting u left and right. sorry but the speed mushrooms dont help. and the computer is against you and no one else in this game. i all the time go from first to last on the last lap. get hit with a red shell then a bomb and the shrunk to run over all in 3 seconds is bull$#$. and it happens all the time. so that is how the diff level is done. give u nothing and the computer everything. u would do better to go get kart 64 or the one on the super nes.

once i beat this i will probley never play it again. lucky i got this one on the cheap for 10