Best in series: mario and racing

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario Kart Wii (w/ Racing Wheel) WII
Well what can i say, this is one of the most into-it games out there meaning you can do so many things. From drifting, to using a larger variety of weapons then any other kart game, and to finding short cuts and boost...and ofcourse you can't forget the online play with tournaments.
OK first of all the main new things in this game just barely ends starting from new stages with the exception of the old one's in the retro cups which are enhanced anyway. The tracks or stages are fun and some are just very pleasant to take a joy ride in such as the coconut mall or maple treeway. moving on, the new weapons are can use a bullet bill to shove you in the lead when your far back or throw a big spiny blue shell that will hit the person in lead even when your in last place. Besides weapons the tracks have many boost which i find cool because you can now use tricks if you run off a ramp. doing a trick involves a flick of the wii remote and results in a greater turbo. Also, there aren't many there are a few short cuts available to use...but i won't reveal those unless you wanna contact me personally. And to conclude i wanna mention tournaments and online play...not only can you play with anyone in the world but you can play with amazing rules that are cool. In tournaments you can play games where you fight off bosses or you have to avoid or pick up specific items...some are hard but all are fun...Well that's all...enjoy the game and feel free to contact me if you need a friend code....OKEY DOKEY HAPPY GAMING