User Rating: 10 | Mario Kart DS (DS Bundle) DS
This game is awesome in every aspect! This is obviusly a racing game and there are lots of chooseable carts to pick from with a total of 12 players there are weapons in the game which make racing less dull and it's even more fun playing with others the game offers 8 player local gaming with single card however you can only pick from 8 places from the 32 tracks there are and that was the good and the songs are pretty cool and they bring back the levels from th the mariokarts from the gamboy advance,gamecube,SNES,N64 for old school gamers!
The game can only play 4 players online not that that's a bad thing but you should be able to play with 8 it doesn't have voice chat which is bad eventually after beating it itwill seem somewhat boring but then if your'e 1 of the people who don't think so for me it is
all in all,a great addition to the mariokart franchise it's a fun game to play andit get's extremely competitive!