Racing games? Yeah right.

User Rating: 6 | Mario Kart DS (DS Bundle) DS
I've played this game, it's pretty cool, but many people are claiming this to be the best game on the ds? that's dumb, and it's a racing game.
graphics: Great :)
control: really good, way better then some hard,crappy real life racing games(forza)
sound and stuff: Great :)
crapcrap: I have no idea, some people just elaborate, so I'm just going to sum this all up with control, graphic, and sound.
People made a big deal out of this game because it's the first online game for the ds. All you do is race, that's it, online, or offline. It's good, there some items and stuff. Race around in circles is boring. BORING. But, this game is cool, but metroid prime could've been the number one game in wifi. It's not simple as the ds, fine stick to your gameplay, kiddy, and fun theory, while I stick to my ITS THE OUTSIDE THAT COUNTS AND I TRY 2 ACT KEWL! WHICH MEANS I FRICKN' LOST THIS BATTLE >:((((.
I have no idea what I'm trying to get.
So, this game is fun, but I didn't expect to be that popular (internet wins against the real world, and rap/non-internet-addict/non-internet-guru wannabes/listener (which they always buy a psp w/o a thought, because they think they think something so expensive with good graphics, plays mp3, watch movies can really be fun, with cool gameplay, HA!!! THE DS CAN DO THAT it's a secret people from the real world can't figure it out.)).
Go try it out,
I rate this game a 5.75, if it's possible.