Mario Kart DS has lots of karts to choose from, as well as retro tracks.

User Rating: 7.5 | Mario Kart DS (DS Bundle) DS
Mario Kart, the long time running series of rubber-burning, shell- shooting, kart-crashing mayhem rides into the Nintendo DS with more karts to choose from than ever before!

If you unlock everything, you will be able to choose multiple karts, characters, and tracks both new and old. Revisit Choco Mountain from the N64, or zip around Mario Circuit 1 from the SNES, or even take a spin on the Mushroom Bridge from the GameCube.

Although players can tour nostalgic tracks of old, one can not choose just any old track. The courses were chosen beforehand, so only a handful of tracks are available to ride. Yet, it is still exciting to re-visit those wonderful areas with new characters and karts.

Overall, this is a fun Mario Kart game that, despite having outdated graphics, it still holds up quite well on its own, thanks to the wide array of kart types to choose from as well as characters.