Strange, compelling, and the best DS game to date.

User Rating: 9.3 | Mario Kart DS (DS Bundle) DS
Mario Kart has always been a just decent series, most of the games get only so-so critic reviews but really different ones from the players themselves? Most of it comes from the multiplayer and just the sheer fun of the games, and Mario Kart DS is the same if not better than those.

So you start up your DS and look at the screen, hmm looks the same, plays the same...So whats the difference? Well this is THE only game that gets me addicted for hours on end, and the strange thing is that I dont know why. The graphics are only N64-era and the gameplay is just the same as it always has been, but it just feels right.

New features pack a big punch in the role of carts and statistics. You have multiple carts for each character now, each vary by size and the new stats they have. Some might be good in speed (Bowser) but slow in accelation and handling. Others might be slow (Bonedry) but have a near-perfect accelation and handling. This may seem like it would cause a balance issue, but it doesn't. Most of the time it is just your favorite character and the coolest looking cart availible.

Replay is strong in the online play, put lacks in the grand prix. Once you've unlocked all of the hidden characters you start feeling a little empty, but nothing a good battle-mode with bots or friends can't handle. Speaking of which, the AI is really good up to 150cc or 150cc Mirror Mode then it becomes a challenge to get the right amount of points.

Items have stayed the same over a decade and a half, but new items like the squid keep it from becoming a stale chore. There is one problem that has made me curse, the infamous blue shell. That little shell has cost me the lead many times and is unavoidable, resulting in a sense of tenseness when you are leading by a second or two. Other than that flaw, this game is a definent game to buy if you are looking for a good DS title.