This is the best Mario Kart i ever played!

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario Kart DS (DS Bundle) DS
Mario Kart on DS is soo awesome even the stages are so unique and stylish
for its own.The Graphics are great not much to say its so highly detailed
(For the DS) and stages are so cool that its compilation through other old
mario kart games from N64,SNES,GBA and GCN and don't forget the
newer one's its cool too.The controls are good just like from the older games
got the same controls either but this is quite right power ups are cool

The Characters
so many to choose from all mario's friends are there 36 karts that's freakin
awesome! many karts to choose and have many possibilities for your tactics
to race.And yet this the best racing game on DS and i never stop playing this
game for 1 hour very addicting.I can't hold it no more the stages are awesome
like the rainbow stage is my favorite and the mushroom bridge.ill give it a
9.5 out 10 for its awesomeness
(P.S about the Speed its depends on CC's 50cc,100cc,150cc and 150cc mirror)