Must own DS Game

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario Kart DS (DS Bundle) DS
If you were to buy only one game for the DS I would tell you to buy Mario-kart DS . This game is great for all ages from children to adults everyone seems to love this game.This game is fun and Addictive I have beaten the game twice and still love to play it when I am on trips. Mario-Kart DS also has a cool muti-player modes. There is DS download play which is where a person without the game can play with you as long as you are in the same room. The only disadvantage of DS download play is that It does take A while for It to connect with the DS that Doesn't have the game.Another muti-player mode it has is Nintendo Wi-Fi capabilities. This means You can play the full game with another Player who also owns the Game. This mode allows you to play Vs. mode, team races and A battle mode. Yet another muti-Player mode is an online function. If you have Internet Wi-Fi this mode is available. In this mode you can play with people Just down the street or around the world. The only disadvantage of this mode is there Is no communication between the players however what all can you expect you are getting all of this in a system that can fit in your pocket. As for the single player there are events ranging from beginner to hard. The single player has lots of different cups which all contain several types of tracks and settings which always keep the game play fresh by changing the colors and backgrounds. Over all this is the best racing hand held game I have ever played. I Give Mario-Kart DS a 9.5 out of 10 only because I am a firm believer in the fact that the is no such thing as a perfect game.