if not for this game i wouldnt have gotten back into mario

User Rating: 9 | Mario Kart DS (DS Bundle) DS
this game helps me revisit the old mario game series as do most of the ds mario games but this is the first one i checked out and loved. i loved playing with my friends on fieldtrips or game sharing with one of my friends who doesnt have it. All the different things in this game help it to keep going on and so does being able to rerace and start tournaments.

really good for a handheld an very recreative of the gamecube mariokart, its a true testament to the recreations of mario games on the ds no matter how old the original is and how low quality the graphics used to be.

I dont really like or dislike the music so i'll give an 8.5

really good replay value and the multiplayer helps your decision in whether to keep or trade this game in, definately a keep in my book. If you dont have this game and you have a ds make sure you pick this up and start enjoying races with your friends, and tournaments against computers