Mario Kart DS simulates the franchise very well, and the game's even better with the surprise of ROB as a driver!

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario Kart DS (DS Bundle) DS
The DS is a very original system that created a lot of memorable games. Mario Kart DS is one of those games. The game made new courses, new music, and new karts. Nintendo also recreates many of the classic courses we know and love. The game is outstanding in every aspect. Drifting into a secret passage and taking the lead never felt so good. The DS also allows for a map of the items and racers going by, and it even displays the items they are going to get! Nintendo knows what features and magic to put in their games. Mario Kart DS is a great game, and everyone with a classic DS should have this game in their collection. I can remember waiting for the game to come out, and when it did, I played it for a good 8 hours straight. The game and unlockables are great. Get Lakitu to start your racing career.