A truly outstanding game.

User Rating: 10 | Mario Kart DS DS
I have only played 4 MarioKart games so far in my life, but this one is my definite favorite. Whenever I begin playing MK Wii or MK 7 or MK Super Circuit, I immediately feel a longing to return to this gem. No wonder it's the most played game I own on any system! (I have opened the software over 600 times). To be fair I have played the game since I was little, but this was the game that I grew up on, along with Super Smash Bros 64. Anyways, Mario Kart DS offers a one of a kind experience for gamers of anykind, even those who haven't ever cared for the series! With its good-sized character roster and addition of the Retro Grand Prix, there's endless fun to be had. I didn't exactly ever care for the Missions game mode, but it's nothing major it's just the mode that's placed at the bottom of the list and it can be easily ignored, thus not affecting the rest of the game. This game also introduced some of the series best race tracks (including Delfino Square, Peach Gardens, Waluigi Pinball, need I say more?) The game also included the best battle mode of the 4 games I've played (MK7 and MKWii's weren't the best and MK Super Circuit lacked any battle mode at all) with Shrine Runners and the fantastic Balloon Battle that stays with a "Last Man Standing" rule set, which differs from MK7 and MKWii's point-based balloon battles (which I find slightly dull). In the end, Mario Kart DS is a fantastic game with graphics that don't hold up to its successors, but it has a gameplay that surapasses its successors and even it's predecessors. It includes a fantastic selection of race tracks and a great character roster. While the game does have a slightly lackluster Mission Mode that you must play in order to unlock certain accessories and characters, it isn't so bad that it affects the rest of the game. The Battle Mode and VS modes both make up for the otherwise boring Mission Mode. Mario Kart DS is definitely a game I can see myself playing for a very long time.