This is a great Mario Kart game for family and friends!!!!

User Rating: 9 | Mario Kart DS DS

On July 16th 2009, my mum bought me Mario Kart DS for the Nintendo DS. I was so eager to get this game, as I had never played a Mario Kart game. When the day came, I was SO excited to play it. Mario Kart DS is one of my top 5 favorite DS titles of all time as I used to spend hours and hours on my DS Lite getting through the cups, playing multiplayer, playing VS matches and many more!!! The game was a blast. One of the features that was new to the Mario Kart series, was the Retro Cups, which are basically re-vamps of courses from older Mario Kart games. My favorite ones were Frappe Snowland (MK64), Sky Garden (MK:SC), Donut Plains 1, (SMK) and Mushroom Bridge (MK:DD).These courses, I used to always pick in a Multi-Player match as I loved them so much. The second new feature is the Mission mode they added where you have to complete missions for grades. I think this was a very creative feature and i'm dissapointed that it did not return in Mario Kart 7 because the Mission mode brought in variety to the series. The third feature was the Emblem Creator feature. This really brought in the creativity to the series which is one of the reasons why I love this game!!! Nintendo also added an Online mode to race against friends and strangers over the internet. The only problem is the Snaking technique that people overuse, which dials down the online experience but it is a fun game overall and it is very good for the family.