This game is pretty good! Let's start!

User Rating: 9 | Mario Kart: Double Dash!! GC
This game is pretty good! Let's start!

The Good:
Good multiplayer. Good difficulty {sometimes not] Awesome- specials. Owning- music.

Most unfortunate though, there's a little bit of bad…

The bad:
Why did they change Donkey Kong's voice??? It can be a little frustrating. Not the best graphics.

Yep I like this game it owns a lot of other games! It deserves a 9.0 mostly because of game-play and music. SO…let's wrap it up!

Music: 9
Game-play: 10
Difficulty: 8
Sound: 9
Annoyingness: 3[which is good]
Un- annoyingness: 7
Graphics: 7 ½

A great game just two notches below perfect! Rank=Superb My third favorite game and I hope you agree! And remember this game owns a bunch of other games, it's rocking!!So this is a really long review and I don't care! I'm gonna write more much more! Compared to other Mario Kart games it's O.K because most Mario Kart games are awesome!Here's the real end!