Mario Kart is highly recommend for its overall game.

User Rating: 9 | Mario Kart: Double Dash!! GC
The Mario Kart series have been updated every new one but what makes this one different is the most obvious change that Double Dash makes to the Mario Kart formula is the two riders on every cart. The logic is that while one character drives, the other handles all the firepower, though the characters are able to switch spots at a moment's notice with a quick tap of the Z button. It's a really good option because within each character theres special items you can use from item blocks on each course you race in, for most of the Mario Kart experts know that if you stay in places like last place you can get better items like the star,mushrooms,and more items to pull off a great comeback. Modes like Time Trial gives you a chance to get better and getting the best time, you can even race against your own ghost.It's fun to race yourself to increase your record. Multiplayer in mario kart double dash is really fun with all your friends & family fun you can choose to race against each other in split screen or play battle modes. Aside from engaging in straightforward races, you can take part in three different arena-based battle modes--balloon battle, shine thief, and bob-omb blast. Which are all really fun to play and overall with tons of courses,unlockable characters and karts this game a must get for mario kart fans and for people that never played a mario game.