while mario kart double dash may not be the best 2player driving game around,,its sure can be the best cartoon D-G

User Rating: 8 | Mario Kart: Double Dash!! GC

^^ -- While back i palyed this,,still fun;),,its like mk-a ,,racing game,,just much much better,,and it should be,,as aspected;)

--driving not the best here,,but it gets pretty good ,,because ,,.

--its totally fun and many things u can do to prevent the other competetiors coming first,,like throw a banana etc;),,graphics are okay good;),,,

--but if u look up close u can clearly see the ugly rather bland textures;),,

--the use of great animations and colors are standard here so,,no surprise here;),,beautiful athmosperic tracks to race on colors,,the-sky etc and etc;)

but good,,the carttoonish style of this game is ofcourse very carttonish,,mario is a cartoon,,but with this racing game its gets even more weird bizarre fun;D,,

it has great value cuz its tons of fun for many hours,,specially with a companion;) ,,much things to do,,though there could be ofcourse more;pp;),,

char selection are just right;),,not too many not too little,,

its specially good on the gamecube;D ,,^^ ,,

music is okay if there are any,,but the best parts are ofcourse the voices and so on hilarious,crazy,marioo,,and sounds of the racing cars etc ;) ,,lol,,always mario;p,,but not my fav char;),,plumbing LoL;),,.

~~~ehm anyway,, this is good fun,,nothing more nothing less,,price is right;p;),,now lrts compeete;),,,;p,,

--^^throwing a banana too ya,pp;) :-] ^^ ,,..multi-play = ,,great,.

--but the game can suffer from too little variety,,but its variety enought;)