The most technical Mario Kart.

User Rating: 9 | Mario Kart: Double Dash!! GC


- the two racers and two item swapping adds a lot of mechanical skill and reflex test to the gameplay. Makes it more exciting and deeper.

- hitting wall doesn't eliminate all your momentum

- stages are well designed.


- too much dodging required.

- hard to dodge things because when you turn your cart tends to go straight still

- sometimes your Kart get hits backwards even though the opponent rammed you from the back

- there needs to be a restart option for GP.

- weird how special cup isn't unlocked from beating star cup 150cc, only 100cc

- there are so many items to the point where luck plays a huge factor in winning. This holds back the deep gameplay mechanics the double riders and drifting. They're tied to each other, making it a catch 22.