This is the best entry in the acclaimed Mario Kart series.

User Rating: 10 | Mario Kart: Double Dash!! GC

Back in Summer of 2010, I bought Mario Kart: Double Dash along with a GameCube Memory Card.

Mario Kart: Double Dash is the fourth entry in the Mario Kart series and definitely the most inventive one at that. Unlike the other Mario Kart titles where it was one person each kart, Double Dash allows for 2 people to be on a kart. One will do the driving while the other throws items and pushes other racers away. Another new feature added to the game is the usage of Special Items. Each character has their own special item. For example, Luigi can use the Green Fireball and Bowser can throw a large Bowser Shell for maximum carnage. The visuals in this game also look great for its time too.

There are a few different modes that you or a couple of people can play. This includes Grand Prix, Time Trials to get the fastest time, Versus mode for 2-4 people and an all-improved Battle mode.

There are 16 new courses in this Grand Prix mode with courses like Peach Beach and the epic Wario Colosseum course. After getting to a certain point of Grand Prix, you will unlock a cup called All-Cup Tour. This is essentially all of the courses given to you at any random order. The Battle mode has received brand new modes, which include Shine Battle, which has you battling to see who keeps the Shine Sprite the longest and Bob-Omb Battle which the players have to use Bob-Ombs to score points.

All this and more makes Mario Kart Double Dash the most frantic and action-packed racing game for the GameCube. Loads of crazy items mixed in with stunning visuals and fast gameplay makes this a must-have title for the family. Personally, this is the best Mario Kart game in the entire series, as I had a lot of fun causing chaos on the tracks while getting 1st place in the cups and its also more fun with a family member.