A Pretty Solid Racing Game, with Just One Small Drawback to it.

User Rating: 9 | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe NS

It's no secret that before I review a video game, I want to experience everything I can enjoy within it, before I feel like I can give it a professional review. I skipped out on the Wii U, mainly because I felt like it was too much of a gimmick, and didn't have any game that could truly be called a "Killer App". Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch doesn't have such problems, and has many "Killer App's", it can call its own. The controls are solid, the graphics are AMAZING, the music sounds AWESOME, and it really is fun racing down in all the time trial races, unlocking all the different engine parts, and having fun with all the different characters. And Battle Mode is challenging, and can even be played with only one player, although it's much harder to do so! Plus, new items such as the Boomerang Flower, the Fire Flower, the Piranha Plant, and the return of the Feather for the Battle Modes, adds interest and variety to an already frantic challenge. And the courses are all designed brilliantly, and have a lot of detail in the courses. With all of these good things going for it, the only drawback to this great game is that the A.I. Computer Controlled Characters feel remarkably cheap, and pound you mercilessly in the later cup classes, making beating all the courses in 150 Course Cup and the Mirror Courses perfectly feel like too much of a hassle to really be enjoyable. And don't even get me started on the speed for the 200 Course Time Trials! I don't consider myself to be an acrobat by any means, but you have to have insanely fast human reflexes to even have a REMOTE chance of getting faster times than the Staff times of the 200 Course Time Trials! However, if you want to experience the best racing game the Nintendo Switch has so far, this is definitely the video game you want to get! Enough said, true believers!