Mario Kart 8 is the definition of fun

User Rating: 10 | Mario Kart 8 WIIU

I never liked the race genre, but if you have a game that I like to race, this game is Mario Kart, from Super Mario Kart to Super Nintendo, and now Mario Kart 8 from Nintendo WiiU, and the game is spectacular, one of the More fun games already done, Nintendo does it very well, the graphics are beautiful, it has more than 30 stages, it includes remastered phases of other Mario Karts, and this is really cool, the gameplay is fluid, even though it has some very bad characters to play , Has several characters, the soundtrack is impeccable, and has Battle mode that is fun, and also has Multiplayer that is cool too, Nintendo has released an impeccable DLC that has Link as a playable character, and 2 more cups, which Of the total of 8 stages, Mario Kart 8 is spectacular and well worth it. Note 100