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Hey hello and welcome to my new experience about this game before the release of the game. I have watched some videos and trailers on this game named "Mario kart 8" you can drive your car with your favorite characters from Mario game series. This game is also all about gravity, because you can drive on the road and on the water like from "Mario kart 7" game on the Nintendo 3DS and you can do more on the game. So please stay to read about this game what I want to share about this Nintendo wii U game named "Mario kart 8" okay!?

This game have a new revolution with driving your car with your favorite characters (my favorite characters are princess Peach and princess Daisy) and this time you can drive with the gravity on the roads and wall, even you can drive on the road upside down and also you can drive at the ceiling of the houses. That's awesome right? If you don't like that and you don't have the reason to buy the game soon when the game is released, but don't care about you all because I want to buy this game when the game's released on the game stores!

The old and new objects on the Mario kart games from SNES to Nintendo 3DS is all active on this game too, you can drive under water and collect coins like on Nintendo 3DS game "Mario kart 7" and the scores is updated again and the first place is not 10 anymore it's updated to 15 points. This is what I know right now and wait for more later online here dear gamers!

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EXPAND THE OPTIONS MENU: Provide extensive menu to customize gameplay If I am paying over $300 for this game, then they better make it worth my money. I want to have the option to customize my gaming experience. I don't care if I have to "beat" the game first, they should allow me to: - create your own cup - decide which items are available in grand prix - decide # of racers in grand prix - decide # points per placement in grand prix - turn OFF rubber band and automatic placements (a.k.a. "all annoy" via MK64 Gameshark) - keep items ON the track (unless hit, of course) - select "EXPERT" level (not a single game has one yet) - landing in the TOP 3 should be challenge; 200CC ? The 300CC videos seen on youtube are obviously ridiculous and not what I am talking about. - all karts, all bikes, or mixed - variety of map displays (I loved the MKDS maps) - item options while racing (use multiple fireballs Vs. 1 big fireball; triple shell vs. 1 giant shell, 3 banans vs. 1 big banana) --- If you get an item box & have 10 coins, your item should be more potent than otherwise item modifiers should be "hidden" throughout the track If a racer gets behind, then segments of the track should "open up" and allow them opportunities to use their skills to catch up (but they have to work hard at it). Under no circumstance should the AI racers in front "slow down" to allow the human to catch up. That is rubber banding, and quite frankly, is considered unfair and cheating. Lastly, if I happen to be in first place and grab a really good item, the computer should NOT immediately take it away--Double Dash was notorious for this activity and I was sick of it. It would be so blatantly obvious when they eliminated my item just to "balance" out the game.