Its fun all over again

User Rating: 10 | Mario Kart 7 3DS
I love mario kart and i regard it as one of the best fun based group racing game.

I had few glitches here and there when first started playing the game in the beginning but now everything is awesome and the game in 3d is even better once you get used to it.

The graphic of the game is stunning and the extra add on from the original game is a pleasant thing to have.

Although it is a shame since the new 3ds games can occupy more data, removing the mission mode is was not a good decision but again that is just my opinion.

The game is a must have for everyone who have 3ds. Or you can always rent the game and give it a try, the best thing to do is never trust the reviews cause it might ruin a taste that you like and other people don't. So give it a try before passing a judgement you might love it in the same way i do (: