Mario Kart 7! There's this game on a 3ds with gliders.

User Rating: 2 | Mario Kart 7 3DS
Like Every Mario Kart, It's great. Though may I start with problems.
*Bikes from the wii. Where are they?
*Not a lot to do
* About 2 characters
*Bad tracks that got boring when I first played it.
* I completed it in 4 weeks. EEAASSYY!!

So, not doing well. I like the wii version better. I like the Cockpit view and the fact you have coconut Mall in it too. My Favorite. But I have all parts and characters. Seriously, I was talking to my friend Aiden the other day and we agreed games these days have much more technology than Fun. So, Interchangable Karts? Wii Sports resort track (He told me about that as well What?) Online Ghost race kart battle Who? Yeah, talk to the thing. Your fired!! So I bought a 3DS for literally nothing.. *Sniff* Boo hoo!