read my review in case you want an EXPLANATION FOR MY HIGH RATING

User Rating: 9 | Mario Kart 7 3DS
Ok, so gamespot gave mario kart 7 an 8 which I can agree with. Personally, I think the game is a 9 and I will tell you why. If you have an internet connection, this game is like drugs. It requires just enough skill that anyone can play, but also a good amount that can make challenging people online a thrill. The new 7 item is pretty cool, though a little cheap. Speaking of cheap, the blue shell should be eliminated from the game. Despite these mishaps, the kart customization as well as the new air gliders make the game really fun and make good use of the games 3d. Overall this game is one you can play for hours, especially if you have friends and an internet connection.

1. Full cast of mario characters that have their own advantages in terms of speed and power.
2. New and old stylish courses like classic rainbow road keep things varied and stunning.
3. Kart customization is pretty good, especially the new gliders.
4. highly addictive play, especially online and with friends.
5. mini games like coin chasers are really fun.

1. virtually no "story mode"
2. Items like the blue shell are painfully cheap
3. Under water mode is basically the same as regular driving.