great Mario kart game from Nintendo once again. this time with some new additives and solid mechanics from the past.

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario Kart 7 3DS
Well where do i start. Mario kart 7. Another amazingly crafted Mario kart game from Nintendo to add to the series. Like all the Mario kart games its an instant classic on its platform, perfect for the current generation of Nintendo 3ds gamers. A must have to add to a Nintendo 3ds collection, and worth buying a 3ds just for this game. That is, if your already a fan of Mario kart.
For fans of the series finding something new is easy with 16 new tracks, three new items, new characters, and the mechanic of collecting coins to increase your max speed just like in the original super Mario kart. Also the new addition of the ability to drive underwater and soar through the skies using the gliders is a boost to this games value.
The driving mechanics of this game are top notch for drifting around sharp corners and throwing some red shells to steal the first place position. The series hasn't seen mechanics such as this since the days of the Nintendo 64.
The graphics and color for this game are truly amazing on the 3ds screen. This game is sure to satisfy anyone looking for a good kart racing game.