This game takes the old-school Mario Kart style and blends it with a nice handful of additions.

User Rating: 9 | Mario Kart 7 3DS
Genre: Racing
Sub Genre: Kart Racing

Driving Mechanics: 10/10
-The driving mechanics in Mario Kart 7 are simply great. While playing the game, I felt a great deal of control over my vehicle and found it easy to avoid obstacles and collect coins, etc. This type of great handling hasn't been in a Mario Kart game since Mario Kart 64.

Music: 8/10
-The music in Mario Kart 7 is as great as the rest in the series but doesn't really excel in this category. Don't get me wrong, the music is great, but the series has always done this and it fails to offer anything ground breaking like the music in Mario Kart 64 for example.

Tracks: 10/10
-The tracks in Mario Kart 7 may just be the best aspect of this game, even with the drivings flawless characteristics. The tracks might just be the most fun in the series. They're designed well to keep everything flowing and they implement the glider areas really well.

Overall: 28/30 3DS Gold