With some of the best tracks ever in the series plus addictive multiplayer make it possibly the best Mario Kart yet.

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario Kart 7 3DS
Mario Kart was first on the SNES but it gained massive popularity because of its smooth gameplay and amazing multiplayer. The series just never seems to grow old and while this game isn't anything groundbreakingly different its all the best bits of Mario Kart you know and love plus a bit extra.


Well there's the Single Player like Grand Prix which has you battling it out for 1st place across 8 cups each with 4 tracks and 16 old and 16 new courses. There's Battle Mode which has you trying to score the most points in the game by using items on each other in either Balloon or Coin Battle. Time Trial to either set the fastest time or practice certain curcuits.

There's also multiplayer where if you pass someone with StreetPass who has the game you will know and you will get the oppotunity to play with either a friend or someone else who has the game. Then there's the online which is where the game really excels. You can Race and Battle against 7 other people across the globe in as many races until you get bored or everyone has left. Also for friend matches you can customise your settings so you can sort of like make your own little tournament for your friends to compete with you in.

Also this game also has its own Mario Kart channel keeping you up to date with what competitons are happening and you can send data to your friends with this.


Well its Mario Kart what needs to be said the game kicks out bikes this time to make it a bit more balanced but it does add some new stuff like Gliders and propellors which add something new to the game. Gliders are used after you jump of huge ramps and you can go a very long difference and find various shortcuts in races which could help you finish the race as winner. Also the propellors let you drive underwater but there is a big difference to the handling in the water than on dry land. It's these things that are added which makes it more fun because there are so many different routes you can take.

Also coins make a comeback and they are as crucial as before because they unlock new karts,Gliders and Wheels so you can have your ultimate racer but you can only carry a maximum of 10 and if you get hit you lose some. The game does have 2 different views you can use a first person view which isn't very good and just the normal which has been in every Mario Kart before.

Most of the power ups return and thankfully the Lakitu Cloud doesn't return from Mario Kart Wii,neither does the POW or Mega Mushroom. The new editions though are FireFlower which lets you fire projectiles at other racers for a limited time and a Racoon Tail which lets you get rid of Red Shells and whack your opponents for a certain amount of time but is useless against the dreaded Blue Shell which now travels across the course and takes out any racers in its way.

The tracks in the game are some of the best ever like Piranha Plant Pipeway is almost a testiment to Super Mario Bros with its design and the castle at the end of the lap. Melody Motorway has a piano that plays certain sounds as you drive along it and many more but you won't be dissapointed. Nintendo also brought back the best tracks from recent entries like Airship Fortress,Koopa Cape,Maple Treeway and Waluigi Pinball. I love how Koopa Cape has changed its tube section with water in it. It really shows they really wanted players to see these new features in the game. Every old curcuit is brimming with shortcuts or new features. Shame Yoshi Valley didn't make the cut though.

The gameplay is like the DS game but there are faults like the AI can seem to get alot of good stuff sometimes in the harder difficulties but it doesn't happen to much and the most popular track online doesn't always get picked when it should.


As you would have expected it looks really nice the 3D effect in some stages are unbelieveable. The game has so many different types of places like a Ice Course,Fire,Space and many more. Some of the character noise can get annoying sometimes espically Daisy when they either get hit or are doing a trick.


Should take to long to beat the Single Player modes but then there's multiplayer with online and also getting the coins to upgrade your vechile to be the ultimate kart online will take some time.

Overall Opinion

Well is it the best game on the 3DS yes and in fact it is possibly the best Mario Kart ever made. It takes most of the good bits from previous entries and puts them into this game with a bit off something else added in this installment and with a great solid multiplayer you will be playing this for years to come.Mario Kart has always felt better on the handhelds and you can see why.

Overall Score 9.5