JK Reviews Mario Kart 7

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario Kart 7 3DS
Basic: Mario Kart 7 Presents New Selections like In Selecting your Kart you can pick the kart,wheels and the parachute what is new to the series is the kart submarine and Kart Parachute Now instead of dieing in the lava or water your kart automacticlly turns into a submarine how cool.
Design: Well this is very hard to Explain well its glad to see Nintendo upgrade the graphics and look great in 3D Mode and blury.
Concept: in Mario Kart 7 There are modes you can compete in like 50c 100c 150c Tournaments each tournament has a different difficulty.You Start Out
Easy= 50c
when completing all races 3 times you earn a new tournament called Mirror is a Tournament were you can earn new tracks but some are retro.Now the tracks you play in are from past mario kart games and games from other Characters from their levels like the Donkey Kong Country Returns Jungle World along with Golden Temple. There are 32 tracks and other modes are Balloon Battle and more.
Bad Things : Wiggler And Honey Bee look awful in Cars and Metal Mario is not even real character but he is my Favorite
i think the ran off ideas the have should off put Bowser Jr and Waluigi and Diddy Kong.
Good Things : well this game is a really fun game and this game beats Mario Kart DS As well anyway this game deserves a 9.5 Thanks For Reading And Happy Gaming