A Truly Amazing Entry for the 3DS!

User Rating: 8 | Mario Kart 7 3DS
The Good:
-Racing is as fun as ever (The powerups are still as thrilling to use as ever,even if you've seen most of them plenty of times beforehand.)
-Track designs are cool (the same applies to the tracks from the previous mario kart titles present here).
-Hang gliding is an excellent touch (It makes gliding over pits fun.)
-AI provides a fair amount of challenge (Playing against them as well as playing others online is as exciting as ever.)
-3D mode can look good in some respects.
-Good vehicle upgrades (i.e: monster tires.)
-Nice, colorful visuals, characters, and kart designs.
-Runs at a mostly good frame rate.

The Bad:
-Mission mode is missing (You have Grand Prix, Time Challenge, Coin Battle, or Balloon Battle. You can always jump online if you quickly tire of single player. Grand Prix mode is the way to go for the unlockables.)