The Mario Kart obtaining full fledged multiplayer mojo, while supporting the single player crowd just as well.

User Rating: 9.4 | Mario Kart 64 N64
The Mario Kart franchise first debuted on the SNES, where it left its first dent in gaming history. While ending up selling well over a million units, the expectations for the N64 version were very high, but thankfully everyone's prayers were answered, well accept for Game Spot's prayers. I was blown away by the crisp vocals, the smooth graphics, and imaginative tracks. I might have just been N64 struck with my first view of its power, but I began to be utterly pleased with how much fun I had playing it, almost every time I pick up and play this game it's a blast. It's been 8 years since I bought it, and I still pick it up to play every once in a while, but mostly just for multiplayer now. Mario Kart's title obviously spells out what the game is, a kart racing game with Mario characters. The fun part about the game is the Mario styled weapons that aid you through each race, if you're not careful you could end up costing yourself the race though. These weapons include assortments of koopa shells, banana peels, nitro mushrooms, explosive item blocks, star power, and the dreaded lightening that shrinks everyone in the race but yourself. Also under Mario Kart's hood is some great tracks and arena's, almost all with Mario themes, accept for Toad's Turn Pike; hence the name Toads Turn Pike, this is a highway course where you'll constantly be dodging cars while racing your way to the finish. What makes all these tracks great are the little extra things that make them stand out, like penguin filled glaciers, a romp through the DK's jungle, the twists and jumps of Wario's dirt bike styled course, Bowser's castle, and more. Earning all the gold cups in the 16 overall courses is kind of short, but the fun that the courses provide is worth many replays through the game. If you find single player to get a little boring, there's always the multiplayer that will help you quench all your multiplayer needs. In race mode, you can either verse up to 4 players against each other, or you can go through the cups, earning your golden cups together with 2 players (going through the game with a friend is way better though). Also multiplayer brings the battle mode back into the mix, with much better technology that brings awesome battle arenas that have more action, more layers and slopes and way better physics for the weapons and karts, instead of the original's uninspired flat ground, slow moving tiny arenas. When Mario Kart 64 was released, it was undoubtedly the best console multiplayer out on the market, until Perfect Dark's release, 3 years later. A classic that almost all N64 owners have bought and loved. Mario Kart is a title that will keep you coming back for a long time, its single and multiplayer both will.