Gamespot has never been more off...

User Rating: 9.7 | Mario Kart 64 N64
I have yet to meet anyone who stopped playing this game for just a week. I know people who still play this game whenever they have enough friends over and have a damn good time. So for the review to be that this is a game that disappoints is just bull crap.

First of all Mario Kart 64 is the perfect upgrade and more of Super Mario Kart. The game set the standard for the easy to get into, but hard to master drifting that Mario Kart 64 established.

Second the game offers more shortcuts and variety in 64 and not to mention 4 player Mario Kart 64 is a blast. Two player battle in Mario Kart was good, but four player is basically no comparisson. The courses themselves are more varied too and all have their lil tricks that can be used to gain the lead.

So shame on you Gamespot for calling this game a game that'll last only a week. Truly don't know how to review if you give this game a lower score when it's the best in the franchise.