To be blunt, Mario Kart is a great racing game.

User Rating: 9 | Mario Kart 64 N64
Mario Kart was one of the funnest racing games I have ever played. I love this game. It really provided fun for a long time. It really lived up to the first of its kind. The new and improved game, derived from the arcade is a blast. The multiplayer is the best I`ve seen in a while. It will go down in my life as the single funnest game I have ever played, along with Super Smash Brothers. The ONLY and i mean only flaw in this game... is the unlockables. I`ve been foolin` around with this game for years and have still not unlocked anything. Absolutely nothing. But the fun of the game maskes up for the repetitivity. This game is awesome if you have a brother or a girlfriend to play with. It sucks to be alone. Have fun with this game, a real treat.