A fun racer for the N64

User Rating: 9.3 | Mario Kart 64 N64
Gameplay 10/10 - This is yet another fun game for the N64.It is surprisingly good,considering Gamespot only gave it a 6.4.Single-player racing is fun to play,and 2-player is also fun(especially with the mode Battle).The games modes all take maaybe about 15-30min each,but multiplayer adds up for all that lost single-player time.The special powers you can use are all very helpful and neat.

Graphics 8/10 - Super Mario Kart 64 doesn't have the best graphics on the N64,but still has satisfying looks.The karts and characters all look good,and the environments are all great.

Sound 9/10 - This game has a good sound,with great music that is different for each level,along with good sound from the characters and from the specials that you pick up and use.

Value 10/10 - This game is a wonderful installment to any N64 collection;fun single-player and great 2-player will keep you having fun for a long time with your friends.

Tilt 9/10 - I enjoy this game and think it is well-done.It may not be as good as it's handheld predecessors,but it still is a great game to play and a must-have for all N64 collectors.