Great game for the N64. So good, I wanna download a second copy on my Revolution next year!

User Rating: 9.2 | Mario Kart 64 N64
This should've got higher than 6.4. Do Gamespot prefer PS1, or what? This is a game that's underappreciated. Sure, it introduces the most annoying weapon of all time, but maybe that's why it's daftly overlooked. I just wish people didn't let the B*** S**** ruin the game. You may find that weapon stupid, Sony fans, so that's why I couldn't bring myself to write it. This game is great.

The best part is the multiplayer. I enjoy Mario Kart multiplayers with Dad at the weekend, and sometimes play this. I have two N64 pads, thank goodness. This games a must-have. IT WILL NOT DISAPPOINT! Buy it now, or download a copy onto your Revolution when it comes out.