User Rating: 8.4 | Mario Kart 64 N64
N64 version of MK is a great game, but not as good as its SNES cousin. The big problem with the game is its graphics, N64 could handle things that are far better looking. Stages themselves are 3D, but the characters are "sprites" or something that could've been done really well on the SNES. Sound is a big upgrade from the SNES version, its more clear, and characters actually talk whenever they hit someone, or get hit. There are only two modes of play, the actual racing, and the multiplayer. The racing part hasnt changed much from the SNES days, you pick the type of race you want to compete in, and the rest in pretty simple. Multiplayer mode is something new in this version, yes, you can race against people, or you can go against each other in a "battle". The rules are pretty have 3 ballons, and you lose a ballon everytime you get hit. Overall, this is a pretyy fun game, but could've been lot better in Nintendo spent more time on it.