Best mario kart game and always will be

User Rating: 10 | Mario Kart 64 N64
I loved this game I remember that I used to play this at my friends house along time ago and I bought this game not too long ago and I always wonder why I never bought it sooner since this game is so great this game was and always will be my favorite mario kart it is so fun that if I could go back in time and get it right when it came out I would. Yeah the one on the super nintendo is fun but I found some problems Irritating like for one what the hell is wit the coins!? I mean really that and it seemed like I would never get good or useful items even when I was last but the one on the n64 I would get good things most of the time I would get a lightning bolt even when I was second now that is freakin sweet. Yeah the one on the gamecube is fun But I think the one on the n64 is better I give this game a 10!