Why is this game a 6.4? It's a great game, it's fun, awesome, funny, hilarious and hysterical. Good, fun for the family.

User Rating: 10 | Mario Kart 64 N64

My 8th review after Sonic Unleashed (Wii version).

I played this game at my cousins house. It's so fun and it's so awesome and it's so funny and it's so hilarious and it's so hysterical. One of the best racing games for the N64. It doesn't deserve a 6.4! This game gets an A++. Here the results:

Voice-acting 10/10: Smart, funny, witty, and hip. That's funny every time Mario says "MAMA MIA!" every time he gets hit.

Game-play 9/10: Very fun to play and it has great multiplayer. It would've been cool, if Nintendo made it longer, just like Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Imagine if they make Super Smash Kart including all the characters from the 3 games and the next one, and the design is just plain magical!

Graphics 10/10: Very sharp and very cool.

Controls 8/10: Great, impressive controls.

Sound/Music 8/10: Awesome!

Lasting Appeal 10/10: Very fun for the whole family.

Overall, Mario Kart 64 is vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom one of the best racing games for N64 next to Diddy Kong Racing.

The Good:

-Funny dialogue

-Sharp graphics

-Very fun game-play

-Impressive controls

-Awesome music

-Magical level design

The Bad:

-It may be kinda short

If you like racing games (including Mario Kart), you will like this one. You should get it! Just buy yourself a Nintendo 64 and the game. Have fun with it. Gotta drive! Good day everyone!

Mario Kart 64 gets a 10 out of 10!