User Rating: 10 | Mario Kart 64 N64
I was just searching through old reviews at GameSpot, getting a feel for how well I should trust their reviews in general. After checking several tried-and-true classics, I moved on to the pinnacle of the kart racing genre: Mario Kart 64. I was absolutely shocked and appalled to see the absurdly ingorant score awarded to the game by Trent C. Ward. While all of his comments regarding the game's graphics, sound, and overall presentation were true, every single negative remark he made was 100% false. The tracks are NOT too wide, the enemy AI is NOT dumb if you spend more than 10 minutes with the game and bother to play on harder circuits and tracks, and there is plenty of challenge to be found in doing time trials or racing your friends. Trent's comments regarding the battle mode were downright stupid -- in a four-player match, you will almost CONSTANTLY be in combat, and you would have to be both a master of evasion and a total idiot to manage to drive around the perfectly-crafted arenas for more than 30 seconds without running into someone. Mr. Ward clearly tried to give an excellent game a poor review just to look bold, and I would go so far as to say that he has not in fact played the game. His review gives a bad name to GameSpot, and thanks to it, I can no longer trust GameSpot for any sort of reliable reviews.