"Its a me, A Mario!"

User Rating: 9.4 | Mario Kart 64 N64
Mario Cart 64 is an instant classic in the Mario series of games. In its time this was the game that everyone had to have if they had a N64. Its gameplay and graphics were great and the game was and is just plain fun for anyone. The game is plain and simple a gaming of racing. No extra frills, just kept simple. You can either race with strategy or blast your opponents with shells to gain an advantage over them. The graphics and sound are good, nothing to special, but not horrible. Its an easy game to pick-up and has plenty of fun shortcuts(intensional or not) that make the game really fun to play. The one major shortcoming that prolly kept the game from being really excellent is its small multiplayer battle. The fact that there are only 4 small levels that are really basic and a bit boring can really be a downer. Mario Cart is fun and its a classic to have if you own a N64 system. Any Mario fan would say that this game has a place in the records for being a true mario game.