This game is a mess.

User Rating: 2 | Mario Kart 64 N64
Mario Kart 64, which is actually overrated due to money from Nintendo. Is one of the most broken and wrongfully popular games for its time. 3D Mario Kart was a big thing at first. but what you waited for is not what you think.

For one, the Karts other than the actual wheels if not mistaken are actually sprites. You are not driving models. This creates this pixelated blur driving around the screen.

The graphics in the game suffer from this as well than many PSx and N64 games. A lot of tracks are very balnd or very repetitive, or both. The characters move at terrible frames of animations and the frame rate is also pretty darn bad.

Animations are stiff, and only a few musical tracks will be rembered. There are tracks designed so bad, they clearly where not made with the karts in mind.

The CPU cheats and will do magical tricks to prevent you from having noticable leads from everyone else. Like driving over gaps or teleporting. The Weapon system is also flawed. With the game being based on luck of the draw instead of how good you are at racing and strategizing with weapons. You can get weapons to prevent first-place, you can have weapons that can gain you to first place that are unstoppable. you have weapons that have a 99% home in rate. and this actually only gets worse in the series.

The game is very bad with stiff controls and unbalanced weapons. Making it a chore to play. The Multiplayer suffers from this as well. As the arena for battle where also not designed with the karts in mind. Allowing for very barebones competition.

The game is pretty horrific. I would skip on this Mario kart. Or to be honest all of them.