A Kickstart to a classic series

User Rating: 8 | Mario Kart 64 N64
Very creative game, unlike most racing games this has one that looks stunning, and the gameplay itself is almost impossible to re-create. With now 6 more mario karts in the series, showing why its such a great game, you can see the improvement in gameplay over the series, and starting off with MK64. On the other hand this game itself was great at its time, but the level of difficulty wasnt up to most other N64 games, with battle's only being the other mode in the game, along with this the character selection was great, and the selection of courses was ones that had to be played, (Yoshi Valley, Rainbow Road .etc)

I spent alot of hours playing this, but of course compared to the games we have now this is no match, with the battle mode being the only other way of competing, but this game was the first of its kind, characters in a creative racing game, unlike the typical racing games that consist of a simple track.