More of one thing can't be bad, can it?

User Rating: 8.2 | Mario Kart 64 N64
Gameplay - 8/10
Mario Kart believes in the philosophy, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Which is a good thing because i happen to think that Super Mario Kart is one of the greats, but it is also a bad thing because it is EXACTLY alike minus the 3D graphics. There is the same powers ups, the same characters, the same thing in most cases. I love the battle mode (i can't remember if SMK had it) it is hella fun and it will be for a long time. But simply MK is just too much of the same to receive a higher mark for gameplay.

Graphics - 9/10
Mario Karts graphics are great. There are tons of environments, each generously detailed, and detailed characters. The only thing wrong is that some levels are more detailed then others. If they were all the same as say Bowers Castle, then MK would get 10/10.

Audio - 8/10
The music is good and suits every level perfectly. Why am i only giving this an 8 then? Well the music on some levels are just annoying. They really get on my nerves and i just want to turn the sound off. Fortunately, this is on only about 4 stages.

Value - 8/10
While the single player racing takes like 45 hours for every trophy gold, there is not much replay value. But the battle mode wins me all over again every time i play it. But of coarse u can only play it with friends, and there not over 24/7 so u can't play battles as much as u would have hoped.

Overall, a great racing game thats a little on the repetitive side. I strongly recommend this towards littler kids. I also give a thumbs up to any racing fan that has not played Super Mario Kart.