This game deserves better than a 6.4, dammit!

User Rating: 9.7 | Mario Kart 64 N64
Let me start by saying that I completely disagree with the 6.4/10. This game deserves way better than that. And I'm going to prove why. The gameplay is simply awesome. Like the last Mario Kart game, you basically race against other racers trying to get first place, and all that. But what makes it so fun is, there's some new characters added, as well as some new items, and new courses. Items like the blue shell, the lightning bolt, and plenty of others. Additionally, they've made improvements to the already existing stages, such as Bowser's Castle, making them even more awesome than they were in the last one, as well as added some new ones, too, of course. And they even added voices to this game, which adds both a little bit of humor to the game at times, as well as more enjoyment. The sound/music is just plain cool. Although, the music isn't anything special, the voices are great, and the things you'll hear the characters say, as well as the way they say them, is hilarious. The graphics are great. A tad on the blocky side, but the design of the courses and characters, and such, is pretty good for the most part. Good graphics overall. Simply put, this is a great, fun game. I don't know why Gamespot only gave it a 6.4, but I sure as hell know this is alot better than they said. Yep. Excellent game.