Talk about classic! just too fun to stop playing!

User Rating: 9 | Mario Kart 64 N64
Gamespot gave Mario Kart 64 a sucky rating but i think thats all crap. its definetly one of the best games on N64 and i still play it to this day even though its so friggin old(1997). i wish gamespot would give some credit to this game but anyways back to the review. the whole point is to get the gold cup for all 4 tournaments. its really simple once you get used to thing that i thought was pretty cool was the fact that you can set traps and shoot things like banana peels, red koopa shells, green koopa shells, and all that stuff. you can do time trials, 2,3,4 player battle(fight using traps and other items), 2,3,4 player races other than just racing in tournaments. threre can be up to 4 players so if you get bored of tournaments then have a huge 4 player battle. since this was one of my first games i played on the N64 i would say Mario Kart 64 is an excellent classic. PEACE!